About M.A.S.T.

The Madison Area Scratch Tour is a scratch tournament series entering its 35th season of certified tournament play. The tour is open to all adult USBC-certified bowlers as described in the tour bylaws.

There is a one-time (per season) membership fee of $10.00, and each regular tournament entry is $60.00. Reduced-rate house bowler entries are available at participating centers. All prize money is returned the day of the tournament. Optional side pot games and brackets are also available at each tournament.

In singles events, entrants will bowl four games across eight lanes in the qualifying segment of the tournament. The top total scores, number based on entries, will be seeded into a bracket for single-elimination match play or survivor play, until a champion is determined. Match play bowlers cash, and the champion receives a championship plaque in addition to the winner’s check.

In split-doubles events, the format is similar, except that doubles partners must bowl on opposite squads. In regular doubles, partners bowl on the same squad. The top doubles teams, number based on entries, advance to elimination match play or survivor play.

In trios events, teams bowl together on the same squad, with the top teams based on number of entries advancing to elimination match play or survivor finals.

There are several regular season tournaments in Madison and the surrounding communities. Each bowler accumulates points in the M&J Truck and Auto Repair Points Race based on their performance in each event. The top 40 point earners at the end of the season are invited to the Year End Championship, a two-day event with added money. Additionally, the top 10 point earners for the season receive a cash bonus.