#458 Bowl-A-Vard

Derek Eoff 09-24-2022
Derek Eoff
  • September 24, 2022
  • Bowl-A-Vard
  • 41 Bowlers
  • Cut: +43

Derek Eoff defeated Jon Schalow 247-246 to win the Survivor finals at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes in Madison Saturday. Schalow finished the match first with strike, 10-pin and spare in his tenth frame. Eoff responded with ring-10, spare, and a strike on his fill ball for the one-pin victory. This was Eoff’s fourteenth career MAST title.

Eoff finished the qualifying round at 843, in a three-way tie with Don Benner and Todd Kjell for the final spot in the Survivor round. Eoff and Kjell both struck out the first ninth & tenth frame roll-off for a 60-60 tie, forcing a second roll-off which Eoff won 60-26 to claim the twelfth qualifying spot.

Eoff followed up his 8-for-8 strike performance in the roll-offs with a perfect game, posting the day’s only honor count with 300 to open Survivor play. He shot 248 to lead the group advancing out of the quarterfinals, then struck out the tenth frame of his semifinal game for 214 to jump ahead of Jack Sullivan’s 210 game and advance to the title match.

Eoff earned $415 for the win, with Schalow taking home $286 for second. The other survivor-round payouts Saturday were $183 for 3rd-4th, $146 for 5th-8th, and $112 for 9th-12th. Benner and Kjell each earned one-half of the last survivor-round cash spot of $56. Eoff also earned $90 from the Bet to Win pot.

Forty-one bowlers competed on the 2022 USBC Open Championships Team pattern. Jerry Marrs led qualifying at 970, earning him twenty-five bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race.

Tour co-sponsor Matt Maly and M & J Truck and Auto added $300 to the prize fund for this event. Tour co-sponsor Bob Holzbauer and Phoenix Pro Shop donated a Storm Night Road at cost, won by Jeff Prein. Host center Bowl-A-Vard Lanes added three $10 gift cards, won by Lindsey Conklin and Chris Pounders (x2). Combined proceeds resulted in an additional $420 for this event’s prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to M & J Truck and Auto, Phoenix Pro Shop, and Bowl-A-Vard Lanes for their generosity.

1.Marrs, Jerry279246223222970
2.Sullivan, Jack246216268224954
3.Schalow, Jon212214275235936
4.Hibbard, Matt247184268234933
5.Heinzelman, Jay257204225223909
6.Wiltrout, Dakota268199209225901
7.Richgels, Jeff259215163246883
8.Hafeman, Ben164236245231876
9.Roedner, Cody213190254215872
10.Wilterdink, Scott204257171235867
11.Cole, David169246245202862
12.Eoff, Derek **225194209215843

Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Eoff, Derek300248214247
Schalow, Jon224225246
Sullivan, Jack247210
Hibbard, Matt223182
Marrs, Jerry219
Hafeman, Ben245217
Cole, David222211
Roedner, Cody219190
Wilterdink, Scott212
Richgels, Jeff208
Wiltrout, Dakota200
Heinzelman, Jay198

Eoff, Derek$415.00
Schalow, Jon$286.00
Sullivan, Jack$183.00
Hibbard, Matt$183.00
Marrs, Jerry$146.00
Hafeman, Ben$146.00
Cole, David$146.00
Roedner, Cody$146.00
Wilterdink, Scott$112.00
Richgels, Jeff$112.00
Wiltrout, Dakota$112.00
Heinzelman, Jay$112.00
Kjell, Todd$56.00
Benner, Don$56.00

Jeff Richgels246$45.00
Scott Wilterdink235$20.00
Jermey Wolfe234$5.00

Jonathan Schalow212214275235$90.00
Jack Sullivan246216268224$50.00
Jay Heinzelman257204225223$20.00
Jerry Marrs279246223222$10.00

David Cole II$135.00
Jerry Marrs$135.00
Jonathan Schalow$125.00
Jack Sullivan$85.00
Ben Hafeman$75.00
Derek Eoff$75.00
Adam Quella$50.00
Jay Heinzelman$50.00
Joe Johnson$25.00
Tim Walter$20.00
Chris Jackson$10.00
Cody Roedner$10.00
Dylon Wilde$10.00

Final Standings

Eoff, Derek22519420921584330024821424710091852231.50266$415.00
Schalow, Jon2122142752359362242252466951631233.00241$286.00
Sullivan, Jack2462162682249542472104571411235.17216$183.00
Hibbard, Matt2471842682349332231824051338223.00216$183.00
Marrs, Jerry2792462232229702192191189237.80216$146.00
Hafeman, Ben1642362452318762452174621338223.00191$146.00
Cole, David1692462452028622222114331295215.83191$146.00
Roedner, Cody2131902542158722191904091281213.50191$146.00
Wilterdink, Scott2042571712358672122121079215.80166$112.00
Richgels, Jeff2592151632468832082081091218.20166$112.00
Wiltrout, Dakota2681992092259012002001101220.20166$112.00
Heinzelman, Jay2572042252239091981981107221.40166$112.00
Kjell, Todd2172062142068430843210.75156$56.00
Benner, Don1832221942448430843210.75156$56.00
Walter, Tim1852142232138350835208.75136
Gibbons, Chris2232231951908310831207.75126
Johnson, Joe2251991722318270827206.75116
Wilde, Dylon1682581892078220822205.50115
Pollentier, Chris1552411882328160816204.00114
Wolfe, Jermey1912121792348160816204.00114
Erce, Rick2361692072038150815203.75112
Krueger, Matt2102112131798130813203.25111
Jackson, Chris2012171932008110811202.75110
Shafel, Dylan1941692132358110811202.75110
Taliaferro, Shaun2572101681708050805201.25108
Habich, Trevor2101822301838050805201.25108
Akers, Calvin1992351921788040804201.00106
Pounders, Chris1851831972287930793198.25105
Gannon, Matt1462342022107920792198.00104
O'Brien, Kevin2051881832137890789197.25103
Verdecchia, Danny1922151931667660766191.50102
Quella, Adam1201972242247650765191.25101
Seppa, Dan1921701682237530753188.25100
Petrey, Justin1891941921767510751187.7599
Soukup, Dustin1801812261597460746186.5098
Thompson, Kevin2051631801887360736184.0097
Green, Zack1842051741587210721180.2596
Wonders, Jenny1592041891627140714178.5095
Swenson, Dan1581852051587060706176.5094
Morris, Tim1931561791526800680170.0093
Walter, Aiden1751751581616690669167.2592