#462 Spartan Bowl

Mike Hoffman 12-4-2022
Mike Hoffman
  • December 4, 2022
  • Spartan Bowl
  • 36 Bowlers
  • Cut: +103

Mike Hoffman defeated Brent Ritchie 268-257 to win the Survivor finals at the MAST event at Spartan Bowl in McFarland Sunday. This was Hoffman’s twenty-first career MAST title.

Hoffman qualified fifth at 939, and posted the cut numbers of 227 and 219 through the first two rounds of Survivor play en route to the title match. Ritchie earned the four seed at 952, and posted games of 237 and 225 in the first two rounds to reach the finals.

Hoffman earned $455 for the win, with Ritchie taking home $325 for second. The other Survivor-round payouts Sunday were $220 for 3rd-4th and $169 for 5th-8th. MAST also paid one additional cash spot of $97 going to Tony Oliva for ninth (897). Hoffman also earned $155 from the Bet to Win pot.

Thirty-six bowlers competed on the 45-foot Aspen oil pattern. The qualifying cut after four games was 903. Joe Johnson led qualifying at 985, earning him an additional twenty-five bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race.

Tour co-sponsor Matt Maly and M & J Truck and Auto added $300 to the prize fund for this event. Tour co-sponsor Bob Holzbauer and Phoenix Pro Shop provided at Storm Fate bowling ball at cost, won by Kevin Thompson. Host center Spartan Bowl provided a lineage discount and added two $10 gift cards, won by Thompson and Joe Janz. Combined proceeds resulted in an additional $519 to the tournament’s prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to M & J Truck and Auto, Phoenix Pro Shop, and Spartan Bowl for their generosity.

1.Johnson, Joe265279214227985
2.Gibbons, Chris267235238235975
3.Wolfe, Jermey232278210243963
4.Ritchie, Brent212226235279952
5.Hoffman, Mike289234229187939
6.DelFiacco, Pat222219244238923
7.Petrey, Justin209216290191906
8.Pursell, Matt210236232225903

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Hoffman, Mike227219268
Ritchie, Brent237225257
Gibbons, Chris268211
DelFiacco, Pat227199
Pursell, Matt226
Wolfe, Jermey224
Petrey, Justin222
Johnson, Joe201

Hoffman, Mike$455.00
Ritchie, Brent$325.00
Gibbons, Chris$220.00
DelFiacco, Pat$200.00
Pursell, Matt$169.00
Wolfe, Jermey$169.00
Petrey, Justin$169.00
Johnson, Joe$169.00
Oliva, Tony$97.00

Brent Ritchie279$40.00
Danny Verdecchia244$20.00

Brent Ritchie212226235279$90.00
Chris Gibbons267235238235$40.00
Joe Johnson265279214227$20.00

Chris Gibbons$85.00
Jermey Wolfe$75.00
Joe Johnson$70.00
Justin Petrey$40.00
Tony Oliva$35.00
Shaun Taliaferro$25.00
Kevin Thompson$20.00

Final Standings

Hoffman, Mike2892342291879392272192687141653236.14261$455.00
Ritchie, Brent2122262352799522372252577191671238.71236$325.00
Gibbons, Chris2672352382359752682114791454242.33211$220.00
DelFiacco, Pat2222192442389232271994261349224.83211$220.00
Pursell, Matt2102362322259032262261129225.80186$169.00
Wolfe, Jermey2322782102439632242241187237.40186$169.00
Petrey, Justin2092162901919062222221128225.60186$169.00
Johnson, Joe2652792142279852012011186237.20211$169.00
Oliva, Tony2462452032038970897224.25151$97.00
Turner, Aaron1942332582058900890222.50141
Jackson, Chris2111972272258600860215.00131
Roderick, Gabe2451562532058590859214.75121
Kjell, Todd2152472031948590859214.75121
Taliaferro, Shaun2052251902358550855213.75110
Hall, James2131952452008530853213.25109
Swenson, Dan2561891872198510851212.75108
Erce, Rick1991912132438460846211.50107
Albrecht, Tristan2362252121718440844211.00106
Wonders, Jenny2761781792108430843210.75105
Verdecchia, Danny2221592032448280828207.00104
Kleutgen, Nicole2011702282238220822205.50103
Janz, Joe2011781962408150815203.75102
Thompson, Kevin2152261921828150815203.75102
Peirick, Jason1662162072047930793198.25100
Reda, Pat1792082161907930793198.25100
Green, Zack1841821902337890789197.2598
Wilterdink, Scott2421921691847870787196.7597
Owens, Ryen1932141262527850785196.2596
Wiltrout, Dakota2461681871837840784196.0095
Gannon, Matt2031971771947710771192.7594
Janz, Tim1672101702047510751187.7593
Seppa, Dan1691721752207360736184.0092
Mysliwiec, Matt1782081901587340734183.5091
Oelke, Jade1911941801437080708177.0090
Larson, Matt1511761581666510651162.7589
Kimpel, Herb248172165WD5850585195.0088