#463 Viking Lanes

Dan Swenson 1-21-2023
Dan Swenson
  • January 21, 2023
  • Viking Lanes
  • 41 Bowlers
  • Cut: +125

Dan Swenson defeated Calvin Akers 268-209 to win the Survivor finals at Viking Lanes in Stoughton Saturday, earning him his fifth career MAST title. Swenson qualified ninth at 944, then averaged over 265 through four rounds of Survivor play en route to the victory.

Swenson earned $437 for the win, with Akers taking home $301 for second. The other payouts Saturday were $193 for 3rd-4th, $!54 for 5th-9th, and $!18 for 9th-12th. Swenson also earned $95 from the Bet to Win pot.

Forty-one bowlers competed on Viking’s house shot. The cut after four games of qualifying was 925. James Hall led qualifying at 1,019, earning him twenty-five bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race. Despite the higher scoring pace, there were no honor counts posted Saturday; Hall had a near-miss with 795 through his first three games of qualifying, and Swenson left a light 7-pin on his final shot for 299 in the second round of Survivor play.

Tour co-sponsor Matt Maly and M & J Truck and Auto added $300 to the tournament prize fund. Tour co-sponsor Bob Holzbauer and Phoenix Pro Shop donated at Storm Revenant bowling ball at cost, won by Ryan Angell. Host Center Viking Lanes provided a free entry into their 8-Pin Tap Team Tournament (won by Dylon Wilde) and also added three $10 gift cards (won by Dakota Wiltrout, Lindsey Conklin, and Matt Gannon). Combined proceeds resulted in an additional $529 in the prize fund for this event. MAST extends a huge Thank You to M & J Truck and Auto, Phoenix Pro Shop, and Viking Lanes for their generosity.

1.Hall, James2792372792241019
2.Boeck, Devon235228290242995
3.Wolfe, Jermey234252257245988
4.Repa, Kevin247263232235977
5.Heinzelman, Jay245206258258967
6.McDougal, Scott238237224254953
7.Akers, Calvin211237265239952
8.Pollentier, Chris197245248258948
9.Swenson, Dan247193258246944
10.Snyder, Mark267250219205941
11.Gille, Todd191252233258934
12.Tripamer, Larry III206257246216925

SURVIVORRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Swenson, Dan248299246268
Akers, Calvin223241216209
Gille, Todd245257214
Pollentier, Chris213266199
Repa, Kevin234
Boeck, Devon228
Hall, James214
Wolfe, Jermey205
Snyder, Mark204
Heinzelman, Jay191
McDougal, Scott183
Tripamer, Larry III159

Swenson, Dan$437.00
Akers, Calvin$301.00
Gille, Todd$193.00
Pollentier, Chris$193.00
Repa, Kevin$154.00
Boeck, Devon$154.00
Hall, James$154.00
Wolfe, Jermey$154.00
Snyder, Mark$118.00
Heinzelman, Jay$118.00
McDougal, Scott$118.00
Tripamer, Larry III$118.00

Chad Kuehmichel267$45.00
Chris Pollentier258$8.33
Jay Heinzelman258$8.33
Wade Staude258$8.33

Jay Heinzelman245206258258$70.00
Chris Pollentier197245248258$70.00
Dan Swenson247193258246$20.00
Jermey Wolfe234252257245$10.00

Dan Swenson$245.00
Larry Tripamer III$170.00
Kevin Repa$115.00
Jermey Wolfe$60.00
Dylon Wilde$50.00
Jay Heinzelman$50.00
Kevin Kline$50.00
Scott McDougal$50.00
Tony Oliva$45.00
Heath Haug$20.00
Jade Oelke$20.00

Final Standings

Swenson, Dan24719325824694424829924610612005250.63241$437.00
Akers, Calvin2112372652399522232412168891841230.13216$301.00
Gille, Todd1912522332589342452572147161650235.71191$193.00
Pollentier, Chris1972452482589482132661996781626232.29191$193.00
Repa, Kevin2472632322359772342341211242.20166$154.00
Boeck, Devon2352282902429952282281223244.60166$154.00
Hall, James27923727922410192142141233246.60191$154.00
Wolfe, Jermey2342522572459882052051193238.60166$154.00
Snyder, Mark2672502192059412042041145229.00141$118.00
Heinzelman, Jay2452062582589671911911158231.60141$118.00
McDougal, Scott2382372242549531831831136227.20141$118.00
Tripamer, Larry III2062572462169251591591084216.80141$118.00
Gille, Tim232232234226924924231.00131
Oliva, Tony279181235226921921230.25121
Gannon, Matt258224232203917917229.25111
Green, Zack224192226261903903225.75101
Kuehmichel, Chad193222213267895895223.7591
Wilde, Dylon246184230234894894223.5090
Staude, Wade208224197258887887221.7589
Morris, Tim215185225258883883220.7588
Ritchie, Brent224217248194883883220.7588
Erce, Rick215226192247880880220.0086
Heinzelman, Charlie258223178212871871217.7585
Pollentier, Brittany143236245247871871217.7585
Haug, Heath234189257185865865216.2583
Prein, Jeff235212193225865865216.2583
Oelke, Jade205211236211863863215.7581
Gibbons, Chris233179235212859859214.7580
Pursell, Matt233177201247858858214.5079
Holz, Trenton228174245211858858214.5079
Jackson, Chris235255185171846846211.5077
Kline, Kevin165179244257845845211.2576
Petrey, Justin217224216179836836209.0075
Thompson, Kevin192248163232835835208.7574
Wiltrout, Dakota167225206235833833208.2573
Thorson, Tim181237213192823823205.7572
Turner, Amanda196180199235810810202.5071
Dudley, Don193180213224810810202.5071
Koch, Logan181177212202772772193.0069
Angell, Ryan175208167213763763190.7568
Stanelle, Brennan177158155129619619154.7567