#467 Year-End Championship

Derek Eoff

  • April 1-2, 2023
  • Ten Pin Alley
  • 32 Bowlers
  • Cut: +102

Derek Eoff defeated Chris Gibbons 253-238 in the title match of the MAST Year-End invitational tournament Sunday. Trailing by six and with both bowlers working on strikes in the ninth frame, Eoff struck out his tenth frame, forcing Gibbons to get a double plus count, but Gibbons left a solid 9-pin on his first ball in the tenth. Both finalists were recent past year-end champions, with Gibbons seeking to repeat last year’s victory at Spartan Bowl, and Eoff having won at Schwoegler’s in 2019. The victory marks Eoff’s fifteenth overall MAST title.

Eoff earned $1,000 for the win, with Gibbons taking home $825 for second. Tim Janz (3rd – $650) and Mike Hoffman (4th – $500) rounded out the stepladder finalists. The other match play payouts Sunday were Jonathan Schalow (5th – $380), Ben Hafeman (6th – $345), Matt Krueger (7th – $315), Jeff Richgels (8th – $290), Brent Ritchie (9th – $270), Devon Boeck (10th – $255), Justin Petrey (11th – $245), and Chris Pollentier (12th – $240). MAST also paid out two cash spots Saturday, going to Jermey Wolfe (13th – $120) and Dan Swenson (14th – $110).

Thirty-two bowlers participated in Saturday’s eight-game qualifying round, competing on Kegel’s Mercury oil pattern. Eoff and Justin Petrey tied for the last two qualifying spots at 1,702; Eoff held the tiebreaker between the two with high qualifying game (256-248) to earn the 11th seed in Sunday’s round-robin match play, with Petrey taking the 12th seed.

The qualifying round was dominated by former year-end champions, as all six of the former year-end titlists in this year’s field advanced to Sunday’s match-play round. Tim Janz (2005) led wire-to-wire and pulled away from the field, finishing at 1,969 to claim the top seed. Mike Hoffman (1997 & 2017) was in the top five all day Saturday and finished with games of 278 & 222 to grab the 2nd seed at 1,802. Defending year-end champion Chris Gibbons qualified third at 1,759, Jonathan Schalow (2013) finished fourth at 1,746, and four-time year-end champion Jeff Richgels rounds out the top five at 1,729. Also advancing to Sunday’s round-robin match play are Brent Ritchie (6th – 1,728), Chris Pollentier (7th – 1,721), Devon Boeck (8th – 1,710), Ben Hafeman (9th – 1,705), and Matt Krueger (10th – 1,704).

MAST also recognized the top ten bowlers in our M & J Truck and Auto Points Race Saturday. Chris Gibbons won this year’s points title with 1,438 points, earning him $450. The other points payouts Saturday were $350 to Jermey Wolfe (2nd – 1,289), $250 to Chris Jackson (3rd – 1,245), $205 to Dylon Wilde (4th – 1,244), $175 to Dan Swenson (5th – 1,204), $150 to Brent Ritchie (6th – 1,172), $130 to Matt Gannon (7th – 1,149), $115 to Derek Eoff (8th – 1,118), $105 to Todd Kjell (9th – 1,104), and $100 to Joe Johnson (10th – 1,039).

This concludes the 2022-2023 MAST season. Thanks to everyone who supported the tour this season. The 2023-24 schedule will be posted late July or early August.

1.Janz, Tim2682542582792482162232231969246.13
2.Hoffman, Mike2682342361742041862782221802225.25
3.Gibbons, Chris2542362292452091822022021759219.88
4.Schalow, Jonathan2422061922491912072362231746218.25
5.Richgels, Jeff2241382232132002782442091729216.13
6.Ritchie, Brent1912362351772382032432051728216.00
7.Pollentier, Chris1992072231902312262102351721215.13
8.Boeck, Devon2222581732012481812022251710213.75
9.Hafeman, Ben2482282112351872151871941705213.13
10.Krueger, Matt2331612052172022641762461704213.00
11.Eoff, Derek2012562171962112132082001702212.75
11.Petrey, Justin2482282211811752192471831702212.75
13.Wolfe, Jermey2452032102581942031692081690211.25
14.Swenson, Dan1921722192562352031871931657207.13
15.Verdecchia, Danny1692151792561932342121771635204.38
16.Akers, Calvin1742142002112261961902231634204.25
17.Pounders, Chris2592062031741671941852371625203.13
18.Mysliwiec, Matt1871962041752122042232201621202.63
19.Oliva, Tony2292081931981942031802131618202.25
20.Wiltrout, Dakota2021911901902171791912311591198.88
21.Thompson, Kevin2551922042061881931771681583197.88
22.Johnson, Joe1591912102281482461822101574196.75
23.Hall, James2031241952102671811711981549193.63
24.Wilde, Dylon1892012232002112001351691528191.00
25.Jackson, Chris1701821891762072232141591520190.00
26.O'Brien, Kevin1771601992031891791752341516189.50
27.Benner, Don1581512471502022121781981496187.00
28.Pursell, Matt1642222141621571822121471460182.50
29.Oelke, Jade1731451821941781502312021455181.88
30.Gannon, Matt1842111461821601761711891419177.38
31.Kline, Kevin1431631771871961632101711410176.25
32.Green, Zack2061571951411821911691571398174.75

Click on name to view match play recap:

Eoff, Derek17022723300302347252534678222.76
Gibbons, Chris17592626270289646554614846220.27
Janz, Tim19692458210266846374154842220.09
Hoffman, Mike18022519180269945011864507214.62
Schalow, Jonathan17462562150271244584308215.40
Hafeman, Ben17052471210268143864176208.80
Krueger, Matt17042496180267643804200210.00
Richgels, Jeff17292426210263643654155207.75
Ritchie, Brent17282462150261243404190209.50
Boeck, Devon1710236390245341634073203.65
Petrey, Justin17022275150242541273977198.85
Pollentier, Chris1721228160234140624002200.10

1.Derek Eoff253
2.Chris Gibbons223
3.Tim Janz2052.Chris Gibbons238
3.Tim Janz210
4.Mike Hoffman186

Eoff, Derek$1,000.00
Gibbons, Chris$825.00
Janz, Tim$650.00
Hoffman, Mike$500.00
Schalow, Jonathan$380.00
Hafeman, Ben$345.00
Krueger, Matt$315.00
Richgels, Jeff$290.00
Ritchie, Brent$270.00
Boeck, Devon$255.00
Petrey, Justin$245.00
Pollentier, Chris$240.00
Wolfe, Jermey$120.00
Swenson, Dan$110.00

Tim Janz279$40.00
Jermey Wolfe258$20.00

Chris Pounders237$35.00
Chris Pollentier235$20.00

Tim Janz268254258279$90.00
Chris Gibbons254236229245$40.00
Derek Eoff291256217196$20.00
Chris Pollentier199207223190$10.00

Jonathan Schalow191207236223$65.00
Tim Janz248216223223$65.00
Matt Mysliwiec212204223220$20.00

Derek Eoff$150.00
Chris Gibbons$100.00
Dylon Wilde$100.00
Ben Hafeman$60.00
Brent Ritchie$55.00
Chris Pollentier$50.00
Dan Swenson$25.00
Jermey Wolfe$25.00
Chris Pounders$20.00
Matt Mysliwiec$10.00

Jeff Richgels$380.00
Jonathan Schalow$125.00
Matt Mysliwiec$50.00
Derek Eoff$40.00
Danny Verdecchia$30.00
Chris Pollentier$25.00
Ben Hafeman$20.00
Brent Ritchie$20.00
Chris Jackson$10.00