#468 Dream Lanes

Rory Clark 9-10-2023
Rory Clark
  • September 10, 2023
  • Dream Lanes
  • 47 Bowlers
  • Cut: +95

Rory Clark defeated Don Benner in a two-frame rolloff at Dream Lanes Sunday to claim his first career MAST title.

Clark led the first half of the title match with strikes in four of his first six frames, but then opened the seventh and eighth frames, allowing Benner to double in his eighth & ninth frames to claim the lead. Clark bounced back by striking out his ninth & tenth frames for 206, leaving Benner needing a double in his tenth frame for the win. Benner got the first strike in the tenth, but left a 7-pin on his second shot, and converted the spare to get to 206 and force a two-frame rolloff.

In the rolloff, Clark started by striking in his ninth frame. Benner doubled his ninth & tenth, but then left a pocket 7-10 split in the eleventh and covered one pin to finish at 47. After striking on his first ball in the tenth, Clark left and then converted a 2-7 baby split to finish at 48 and earn the win.

Clark earned $457 for the win, with Benner taking home $323 for second. The other match play payouts Sunday were $182 for 3rd-4th, $124 for 5th-8th, and $104 for 9th-16th. Clark also earned $50 from the Bet to Win pot.

Forty-seven bowlers competed on the 2023 Wisconsin State Tournament Team pattern. The cut after four games of qualifying was 895. Mike Hoffman led qualifying at 1,005, earning him fifty bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race. Despite the higher scoring pace, there were no honor counts Sunday.

Tour co-sponsor Matt Maly and M & J Truck and Auto added $300 to the prize fund for this event.

1.Hoffman, Mike2142792542581005
2.Benner, Don2792791992461003
3.Ritchie, Brent2772452152651002
4.Staude, Gabe258262208257985
5.Wonders, Jenny211256258246971
6.Pounders, Chris243265237204949
7.Purches, Nate257227227229940
8.Tripamer, Larry III246277231177931
9.Gibney, Casey279223224192918
10.Holz, Trenton233244229209915
11.Kortes, Peter247243215206911
12.Erce, Rick255240191224910
13.Kjell, Todd195239258213905
14.Heinzelman, Jay211174257257899
15.Wolfe, Jermey236210205245896
16.Clark, Rory192222246235895

1.M. Hoffman192
16.R. Clark196
9.C. Gibney238
8.L. Tripamer199
Clark206 (48)
5.J. Wonders178
12.R. Erce258
13.T. Kjell200
4.G. Staude225
3.B. Ritchie227
14.J. Heinzelman189
11.P. Kortes243
6.C. Pounders228
Benner206 (47)
7.N. Purches169
10.T. Holz249
15.J. Wolfe183
2.D. Benner268

Clark, Rory$457.00
Benner, Don$323.00
Erce, Rick$182.00
Ritchie, Brent$182.00
Holz, Trenton$124.00
Gibney, Casey$124.00
Kortes, Peter$124.00
Staude, Gabe$124.00
Pounders, Chris$104.00
Kjell, Todd$104.00
Tripamer, Larry III$104.00
Hoffman, Mike$104.00
Heinzelman, Jay$104.00
Wolfe, Jermey$104.00
Wonders, Jenny$104.00
Purches, Nate$104.00

Brent Ritchie265$40.00
Mike Hoffman258$20.00

Mike Hoffman214279254258$90.00
Nate Purches257227227229$50.00
Rick Thomas203205238215$30.00
Trenton Holz233244229209$10.00

Chris Pounders$185.00
Trenton Holz$120.00
Nate Purches$100.00
Rory Clark$100.00
Kevin Repa$30.00
Gabe Staude$25.00

Final Standings

Clark, Rory1922222462358951962352182068551750218.75272$457.00
Benner, Don27927919924610032682592032069361939242.38247$323.00
Erce, Rick2552401912249102582491967031613230.43222$182.00
Ritchie, Brent27724521526510022272241946451647235.29222$182.00
Holz, Trenton2332442292099152492244731388231.33197$124.00
Gibney, Casey2792232241929182382094471365227.50197$124.00
Kortes, Peter2472432152069112431944371348224.67197$124.00
Staude, Gabe2582622082579852251914161401233.50197$124.00
Pounders, Chris2432652372049492282281177235.40172$104.00
Kjell, Todd1952392582139052002001105221.00172$104.00
Tripamer, Larry III2462772311779311991991130226.00172$104.00
Hoffman, Mike21427925425810051921921197239.40222$104.00
Heinzelman, Jay2111742572578991891891088217.60172$104.00
Wolfe, Jermey2362102052458961831831079215.80172$104.00
Wonders, Jenny2112562582469711781781149229.80172$104.00
Purches, Nate2572272272299401651651105221.00172$104.00
Sammel, Lauren225202231233891891222.75162
Quella, Adam236160236246878878219.50152
Sueflohn, Jeff212227235202876876219.00142
Akers, Calvin198203232237870870217.50132
Roderick, Gabe185201250232868868217.00122
Thomas, Rick203205238215861861215.25121
Gibbons, Chris210228219203860860215.00120
Pollentier, Brittany227216224193860860215.00120
Soukup, Dustin246187279147859859214.75118
Krueger, Matt236190187246859859214.75118
Thompson, Kevin211223214203851851212.75116
Gille, Tim219210211211851851212.75116
Weber, Jud203259185203850850212.50114
Repa, Kevin234237210166847847211.75113
Fabian, Bill203246202194845845211.25112
Heinzelman, Charlie220181235198834834208.50111
Oliva, Tony224205181218828828207.00110
Swenson, Dan190202258171821821205.25109
Johnson, Joe171192235223821821205.25109
Richgels, Jeff216171199234820820205.00107
Pursell, Matt233189193202817817204.25106
Krueger, Josh189206205216816816204.00105
Dins, Shannon212171198229810810202.50104
Mysliwiec, Matt255204192151802802200.50103
Taylor, Jeff197192189219797797199.25102
Pollentier, Chris164252194167777777194.25101
Pelischek, Josh213159213191776776194.00100
Henes, David169215195193772772193.0099
Jirsa, Megan163191184213751751187.7598
Young, Ryan202189204156751751187.7598
Taliaferro, Shaun135168178214695695173.7596